Narayan… Narayan…

September 14, 2008

White… Bloody white…

Serial blasts in Delhi.

Serial blasts in Ahmedabad.

Serial Blasts in Hyderabad…

It has been a long time since I have started seeing these headlines. Com’on, it’s got boring. Can’t you have more creative headlines? What happened to the creative barons of the media? Believe me, as a viewer, whenever you keep seeing these headlines, my first instinct is to switch channels.

Sadist… some people would say. What about the loss? what about those killed? How can you think of TRP’s and stuff in the face of such crisis?

Right, I am sadist.

I got used to it. As every other common man has.

What has the common man done after each of these blasts?

He avoided going to these places after the blasts for the first 2 days. He thought, what else will happen? We have seen this happening every now and then. This is not something new. It was just sheer luck that he wasn’t there at the place.

The common man is not terrorised any more. We have become resilient. We now expect something more creative from the terrorists now. Even flying planes into crowded streets is old fashioned now.

A billion strong common man. Someone has to do something really very creative to get our attention now. And you should look at the different things we have done, to take the cue.

  • We have a home minister responsible for internal security, who hasn’t been elected by popular vote. We let him be there, because he was in the coterie of you-know-who.
  • We have elected “representatives of the people”, when they were spending time behind bars accused of homicide.
  • We dote on politicians who still follow the colonial policy of ‘Divide and Rule’. For us, division (on the basis of race, caste, ethnicity and so on) gives us a sense of identity.
  • We pay our taxes diligently – the money which is used to feed a bloated bureaucracy. For us, red-tape is a way of life – a part and parcel of “the system”.
  • People can plant bombs, but don’t worry. If they get caught, they will enjoy a decade of plush hospitality, till our judiciary decides. And then, there is still a chance of being acquitted.
  • We argue over a cup of tea, whether capital punishment is the need of the hour. We debate on human rights, when psychotic killers go on a rampage. Civilized society, as some would say.
  • We continue to patronise a security system, which is next to non-existent. For us, police is a word we should avoid, police station is a place we should avoid going to, a policeman is a person we should avoid any contact with. They are ‘the untouchables’.

So do you get the point?

You need to change to entertain us. You need to change to terrorise us.

Believe me, we have got bored with the crimson red colour of blood too. We have been seeing that everywhere. We have even changed our sense of colour.

Blood is no more red.

It is WHITE – anyone can add any colour to it.

Haa… It even brings a smirk on my face, when I see a politician dressed in spotless white… White, bloody white…

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