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October 10, 2008

The Last Mail…

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Well, I just happened to get a forward from a friend of mine. The subject was “My last batchmail… truly the last”.

It was my last batch-mail in XIMB. From, Now that’s one email id I can never forget…

It was really nostalgic to read the stuff that I wrote… and it felt good that this mail was archived by someone, and not dumped into the trash. So here it is:


Subject: My Last Batchmail – truly the last…
From: “Narayan” <>
Date: Fri, February 25, 2005 2:50 am


Friends, XIMBians & Bhaktgan…..

I shall try not keep this too senti, but still…keep your tissues/hankies beside you.

The journey that started a couple of years back has finally come to an end. A new path begins… Life has been both rewarding & punishing during this period.

The memories go back to the day when I stepped into this college expecting the unknown. But what I saw during these two years will forever be etched in my heart. Whether it be people trying their best to get the best out of an event, or people trying to “patao” the opposite sex by walking up and down the road at 3AM, I was heartened to see the best coming outta people at the worst of times.

As Narayan (or Naru as I am better known), I have been the hooligan on pop, a “nauseating and disgusting” guy when it comes to screwing up the happiness of other people…but…I must assure you people that the sole intention was to have fun and enjoyment. Life & the big bad world is much more sadistic. This is the time when you get your time to enjoy, smile and laugh. God gave you a gift, your smile.. use that as often as you can…the worst problems in the world can be overcome with a smile. Smile at your woes…your shortcomings…your mistakes, and you would find the world around you more fun to live by.Naru never meant to hurt you. All I wanted was to make you smile.

Without Bhaktprahlad, or Winpop, or “SPICE”, or Yahoo, or the uncanny paparrazzi, life would have been the same for some people. My intention was to bring into your life an everlasting smile…one which you might always remember and cherish.

We have seen enough of trials and tribulations, what our batchmates have undergone, but then the one thing that kept alive our spirits was “Hope”. Hope has kept us together through the victories and tragedies we have experienced here. Our gains might outdo our losses, but what is more important is the camaraderie that saw us through the toughest of times.

My two year vacation comes to an end and I go back to the point, where I left life a couple of years ago…back to reality and the gruelling pace of life & work. There comes a moment in life when characters tend to fall, men falter & courage fails. What keeps you up is the Hope to survive and succeed, and keep smiling through the toughest of times. Life always comes in bits & patches, It’s upto you to combine it into the whole big picture.

The individuals in XIMB have been different, but the collage has been the best ever created.

The world would have been a different place without you, It is you who have to make THAT difference count.

Narayan (aka Naru)
A mere mortal

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