Narayan… Narayan…

Narayan who???

Narayan – the Preserver of the universe, The one amongst the triumvirate endowed with the responsibility of protecting mankind.

Well, I happen to share that name. I believe, the supreme power exists in everyone, and so does it reside in me. And just like all other supreme powers, I too stand and watch. I am just a spectator, and this whole world is a stage. I wear the facade of humans, and watch the play. I know that I may be asked to play a small role somewhere, sometime. And as I wait for that chance, I try not to rehearse my lines. I just try to be in my character. Its the character that appeals to a spectator, not the lines…

This is no blog for inspirational stuff. I wanted to pen down my thoughts, and share it with some other characters in this play. That’s why I call this “Just Another Blog”.

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